During last summer I was at GUADEC in Birmingham, UK and enjoyed that. Then I was at OpenedHand X-mas party. Both trips gave me some time to observe other culture and this is what I want to write about.

I will not write about cars on wrong side of road because this is already known and it is easy to get used to it. Did not have problems with it even when I was sitting in front left seat during car trip.

The thing which annoys me is “double taps”. At GUADEC place it was OK as hot water was only warm so I did not needed cold one but during my recent trip they were everywhere… I wonder how they use as hot water is too hot usually and cold one is rather not warm enough. One of solutions is plugging washbasin and wash hands in mixed water — but this is not too hygienic rather…

What was nice to see is mix of people on streets — in Poland we basically have only one type of people — white, Slovian, usually catolics. There were too many of them to count.

Next thing — all those informations everywhere… “Garage in constant use — parking not allowed”, “Fire doors — keep open”, “Private parking — you will be towed”, “No parking here — £75 penalty”, “Keep this place clean — use ashtrays”, “It is against the law to smoke at those premises” etc… Those kind of messages were in nearly each place which I visited.

During walk through GUADEC building I saw few nice places. First was a bunch of shelves — each one signed and it looked as place to use if you want to give something to “owner” of shelf as there were many books, compact discs and other stuff there. Another thing was message table with many informations for lonely people, for victims of sexual molestation or voluntary offers.

It is other type of country then Poland. I am not yet ready to move there I think… Never mind that Matthew asks me each time (nearly – last time he forgot) we meet when I will move to London.

UK – my observations

2 thoughts on “UK – my observations

  • 21st December 2007 at 12:13

    Hi Marcin,

    I like some of your observations. And I definitely agree with you about the number of signs!

    To continue your tour of places beginning with B, I thought you might consider Bristol in the UK. It’s (in my opinion) better than London….well I live here so it must be.

    I’ve also got a Neo1973 that I could do with some help “devirgintating” 😉

    All the best for Christmas holidays


  • 21st December 2007 at 12:15

    Oh, and there is also a very big Polish community here…even a couple of dedicated Polish churches.

    In all my local shops there are Polish products (preserved vegetables, fruit juices, canned fish, BEER! etc) and signs in Polish…also a “Polish Centre” where people can go to learn English or find other help.

    It would be like a home away from home 🙂

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