Some time ago I wrote that I am considering switching back to KDE 3.5 after few months with KDE 4.0/4.1-svn. Finally I did it.

Reasons are the same as in previous post — lack of stability and I for now I do not see bright future for KDE 4.1 (but this can change after release if developers will work on fixing bugs instead of adding new features/rewrites). With 4.1 svn snapshots there was guessing ‘what is broken today and how badly’ — mostly Plasma desktop was more or less unusable. For example panel which works in 4.0.72 stopped working with 4.0.73 unless enlarged to normal size, second panel nearly never worked (or even made Plasma crash each time).

So for now I am back on KDE 3.5 with few components from 4.1-svn (window manager, Okular, Dolphin) and wait for 4.1/4.2 releases to have something to test.

Back in KDE 3.5

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  • 13th March 2011 at 11:04

    Sir, YES, I am totally with U on this! I am a Amateur Radio Operator, and I love Kubuntu on my lap top (Ham Programs). This combo. works Soooo Sweeet. I too am tired of KDE 4.1 and NEED to get back to V. 3.5. LONG story short- I have part time try to learn Linux, NEED to. I tough my self DOS back in the day. I am 63 now and just don’t have everything that it takes I guess. I am NOT a book person 2. I don’t know the use of Linux Command Line. Although I would give it a honest try IF I could fine instructions (key stroke by key – – -) What does it take to make the change back to 3.5 from 4.1? Lap Top is a Dell Inspiron 7500 pentium lll 256M. RAM. Works gust fine 4 me. The BIOS Security is LOCKED/NO password. I was able to get Kubuntu on by playing W/ the “F-Keys” to see the DVD Drive ONCE, But this is allI needed to get L. K. OS on it. I have not been able to reproduce the KEY COMBO to RELOAD K. with KDE 3.5,,, and I MISS 3.5 SO BAD, HELP??????? Please? Yes, this is real,, but I don’t mind if U Laugh,,, I know that I need to more often myself. ;-} I Thank You Very much ahead of time. This Article,,,, Blame it,, Ya. 73, W9MLM

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