Is Wayland really a future of desktop?

Each time I update my Fedora desktop to new release (usually around Beta) I give a try to Wayland. Which shows that I still use X11.

My setup

My desktop has Ryzen cpu and NVidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. Only one monitor (34” 3440x1440). I use binary blobs as this generation of GPU chipset is not really usable with FOSS driver (nouveau).

For desktop environment I use KDE. Which means Plasma desktop/panel, Konsole and few KDE apps. Firefox and Chrome as web browsers, Thunderbird for mail, Steam for gaming and Zoom (or Google Meet) for most of video calls.

Issues this time

So what went wrong? Several things:

Did not tested other games — have far too much time spent in Factorio and plan to finally do last achievement there.

Would love to be able to get rid of video meetings but they are part of remote work. Having to switch whole desktop session just to addend a meeting feels weird.

Things which went fine

I would like to list several things which went fine compared to my previous attempts. The only one visible one was that font sizes are finally more consistent with X11 session. They are not the same size in pixels but year ago they were much bigger under Wayland.

Maybe next time

I will give another try in 6 months — after upgrade to Fedora 38 Beta.

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