How to remove Skype installer from OS2008 menu

OS2008 for Nokia tablets comes with Skype installer pre-installed to make installing it as easy as possible. But how to remove it if you do not use Skype at all?

The solution is not so simple if you do not know anything about how dpkg works. But if you know then you probably do not need to read rest of post 🙂

I looked at that “problem” and here is a solution:

  1. run X-Terminal
  2. became root (sudo gainroot or any other method)
  3. edit dpkg status file: vi /var/lib/dpkg/status and search for “skype-installer” – it will be listed once and you have to remove it.
  4. back in shell run dpkg --purge skype-installer

And that’s all — no more “Skype” entry in menus.

6 thoughts on “How to remove Skype installer from OS2008 menu”

  1. This is probably the clean away.

    The newby way is to install skype and deinstall it again. Logo gone. Works for me, and for gizmo too.

  2. This is emphatically not the clean way. Don’t butcher the package database like this.

    The clean way is to remove the .desktop file that is responsible for the menu entry:

    # rm /usr/share/applications/hildon/skype.install

  3. @Quim: this is not so nice method so I prefer to not document it on a wiki. Cleanest is install Skype and remove it later (like Eismaus wrote). My way can also end in removing “osso-software-versions-rx44” (or how that package was named) in next upgrades.

    @Marius Vollmer: this is hack not method 🙂 But removing desktop file is not nice solution neither.

  4. Right, removing the .desktop file is not clean, but (almost) equivalent to installing-then-removing skype.

    If you want to force the removal of skype-installer, use “dpkg –force-depends –remove”.

    In all cases, you’ll get the menu entry back with the next update to the skype-installer package, so none of the solutions is really clean.

    The cleanest thing to do is probably to use “apt-get remove skype-installer” and let it remove the osso-software-version-rx44 meta package. But then you need to install OS updates manually. But that’s not so bad.

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