TI: please fix your USB

I have BeagleBoard in B7 revision. So the only USB port which is available is the OTG one. I use self made host cable which connects 4 port hub (with own power supply). This gives me keyboard, mouse and Ethernet.

Or rather should give… Current situation (2.6.29-angstrom) is that I do not have any USB devices available because kernel do not recognize them — at least not on each reboot. During last 10 reboots nothing was found…

So Texas Instruments engineers: do something about it please about your drivers.

And no, buying C3 revision is not an option — I will rather wait for version with non-USB Ethernet on board.

UPDATE: if you have U-boot 2009.01 then flash 2008.xx one or 2009.06 from Ångström. This will give you back standard behaviour of MUSB: ‘throw a dice, if you will get 5 then USB will rather work’.