Some time ago Andrea Gallo from ST-Ericsson called me and proposed participation in their workshop during ELC Europe. It will be about NHK15 developer board which is based on STn8815 cpu (arm926 core + dsp). I will present Poky Linux and OpenEmbedded based environments on it.

Few days later board arrived at home in a big carton box filled with stuff.



As it is shown on picture above package contains everything needed to use board. From top-left:

  • tv out cable
  • board
  • debug board (serial + ethernet)
  • miniUSB cable
  • speakers + battery cable + wifi antenna
  • ribbon cables to connect debug board
  • PSU (5V)
  • UK/EU/US power plugs
  • headset
  • serial cable

By default board comes without operating system flashed. The only thing available is test picture which can be used to test does device works at all:


NHK15 offers many connectors:

  • audio in/out
  • SD/MMC slot
  • battery connector (cable included, battery not)
  • speakers (separated left/right — both are included)
  • WiFi antenna (board uses same chip as Nokia tablets)
  • FM antenna
  • TV out (cable included)
  • miniAB USB device/host port
  • camera (daughterboard with image sensor included)
  • debug board (which provides serial + Ethernet ports)
  • ETM/Nexus ports
  • SIM socket

There is 128MB of memory and 128MB NAND + 256MB OneNAND for storage. Connection with world can be done over serial, Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth. Screen has WVGA resolution and touchscreen attached.


Now I have Linux running on it but plan to switch to Poky Linux (supported) and OpenEmbedded based systems (Ångström for start) soon.

NHK15 arrived

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