Sheevaplug updates

Half year passed since I started using Sheevaplug at home. Currently it is my IRC station (with self-compiled irssi due to Perl problems in OpenEmbedded) and today it will also became central file server as I just received 1.5TB Samsung drive + USB enclosure for it.

It got several updates today:

Yes, two storage serving daemons. Samba will provide access to multimedia data when NFS will be more used for developer board root file systems and such.

Now hard drive is working connected via ESATA but after copying it will be connected to Sheevaplug instead of my workstation.

Just to cut questions — I bought Welland ME-752H enclosure. It allows to use Serial ATA 3.5” drives and connect them by USB or ESATA interfaces. The bonus part is 2 port USB hub so I will not be out of USB ports in Sheeva ;)