Fedora 18 just became EOL. Most of the people do not care as F20 is present so they can run it on their PCs. But there is a group of users which may care.

All those people with ARMv5t hardware are left with Debian/armel now as there is no other big distribution supporting their devices anymore. Someone will ask “what about Ångström or Gentoo?” but who sane would build Gentoo on armv5te?

I do not remember when last time I used something with arm926 core (or similar – like Kirkwood). Probably few years ago when helped friend to get Sheevaplug booting into Debian.

But there are still Sheevaplugs, Guruplugs, *plugs and QNAP devices out there serving their users with selected services. And some of their owners will have to decide what next…

Another distribution said goodbye to ARMv5 devices

One thought on “Another distribution said goodbye to ARMv5 devices

  • 15th January 2014 at 08:08

    My primary ARM device (sysmoBTS 1002) is a ARMv5t hardware. Besides being too slow to run journald it is pretty good as a GSM Base Station. We wouldn’t want to use Fedora though, so it is not a big loss.

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