During last weekend I was in Cambridge, UK where OEDEM 2009 took place. This time it was organized by Phil Blundell from Reciva company (they make nice Internet radio devices, new ones do also FM and DAB).

I travelled by Berlin and Stansted due to fact that at those days there are no flights Londyn — Szczecin on Friday and Sunday. That gave opportunity to meet Henning and Robert in Berlin and discuss misc things during travel.

Friday evening was spent in Red Lion pub in Histon. Nice, tasty English beers and interesting place. Both ways with taxi because of raining and price was comparable to public transport.

On Saturday we walked to OEDEM place using Phil’s notes and got there with just one short cut missed (we found it next day).

What was discussed during meeting? Many things, we had also OE e.V. meeting during which we voted for few new members, chosen new board, decided on sponsoring and selected Robert Schuster for PR guy.

So what was on topic:

  • OE e.V. meeting (minutes)
  • Establishment of technical steering committee (summary)
  • OE and Poky (summary)
  • Software development for OE derived distributions (summary)
  • Learning to love distro flags, or, What’s a distro for? (summary)
  • State of the art in package management (summary)
  • Splitting the recipes tree (summary)
  • Future plans for stable branch(es) (summary)
  • Bugtracker Discussion (summary)
  • Hosting arrangements (summary)
  • Death to checksums.ini? (summary)
  • BitBake Future Roadmap (summary)
  • OE Core Changes (summary)

Each entry was already summarized so I provided links for those who did not read OpenEmbedded development mailing list. Discussion was hot, many subjects had different opinions from audience and it was great.

As usual it was nice to meet friends from OE in person and for few of them connect face to name. And again I did not had any spare time to look around the city of OEDEM — too many things in small amount of time. But maybe another time 🙂

Back from OEDEM 2009

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