Before UDS-O I decided that it is a time to change organization of my desk. Current setup is effect of two years of using several boards/computers etc.

Today I went on desk and under it and started disconnecting all cables which are no longer in use:

  • 3 null modem serial cables
  • 3 USB extenders
  • ATX 200W psu modded to provide 5V/12V for developer boards
  • E-SATA cable used with USB/ESATA hdd enclosure which is now connected over USB to PandaBoard
  • 3 Ethernet cables
  • mini-USB cable used as serial console with SheevaPlug
  • VGA cable which was used with second LCD — will be reconnected when there will be time for desktop

But that’s just beginning. Next days will bring disconnecting all developer boards, moving cable modem and phone base near to router, mounting two PandaBoards on piece of MDF (so they will not float), mounting some extra shelves to get rid of stuff from desk.

At the end I plan to have 2-4 LCD panels (or 2 monitors + 4-port KVM switch), two keyboards, two mouses, two laptops on one desk. Hope to finish it before end of next week.

Reorganization of desk: day 1

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  • 20th May 2011 at 08:44

    pics or it did not happen!

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