Since I created my first website (in 1996) it got moved many times and have different layout/contents. First version was kind of expanded bookmarks from Lynx browser, later it got improved and finally I started experimenting with dynamic websites. During that time it was hosted at university or on servers owned by friends. Finally few years ago I moved to commercial hosting but recently decided that it is a time to take control and host it by myself.

So now it is running on my home router — I hope that it will survive any amount of readers for websites which I host here (but no DDoS please — I need bandwidth for work). Will it stay here? Time will show.

Moved website hosting

One thought on “Moved website hosting

  • 23rd June 2011 at 07:06

    As soon as I moved my IRC session to home router, which runs without UPS and had average uptime around month (just a guess, never mensured it, but was running and stable) guess what happened? Yes, 4 or so outages in a week (different causes – electricity issues, human activity). But finally seems to be running stable again.

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