I always loved to read. In 6th class in elementary school I took fourteen books from school library at once (when only 3 were allowed). In 8th class I was going there only for required readings as there were no books there which could interest me (tough timing as I read all what liked and no money for new ones).

Basically during my school life I used several libraries and at most of them has a status of ‘frequent visitor’ which meant no need to say name during books exchange. Also booking of rare books was possible.

After studies I moved to other city then to another then to another… My amount of books was slowly growing because I wanted not to have too many things. Interesting new books were also usually expensive so compared to my income was not helping. And I somehow skipped searching for new libraries — instead were checking friends’ bookshelves.

Once I settled down in Poznań and then in Szczecin my collection was slowly growing. And then, in November 2011 I bought myself Kindle Classic. Life got changed…

First I loaded it with some documents and books which I had on hard drive — technical, science fiction etc. Reading was pleasure. Then I loaded more and more…

Recently I started making use of promotions announced on “Świat Czytników” website which resulted in more and more books in queue. Then evenings, travels, waiting in queues transformed into reading spaces 😉

It is good to read a lot again.

Thanks to Kindle I am back to reading

3 thoughts on “Thanks to Kindle I am back to reading

  • 23rd April 2012 at 14:18

    I was thinking of getting one myself or rather my other half was thinking of getting one for me.

    I have to admit that I’m a bit confused by the amount of models available:

    1. Kindle Keyboard (3G optional) – 3rd generation.
    2. Kindle – 4th generation.
    3. Kindle Touch (3G optional) – 4th.
    4. Kindle Fire.

    Which one to get and why?

  • 23rd April 2012 at 14:25

    I would suggest 2nd or 3rd option. Keyboard Kindle is big and for most of time you do not use keyboard. 3G in Touch is not worth money as only Amazon and Wikipedia are available over it (compared to Keyboard 3G where you can browse whole Internet).

    Kindle Fire is just cheap Android tablet which has most of features cut once you move from US (Amazon Prime, Music, Videos etc).

    • 23rd April 2012 at 15:07

      Helpful as always :^) I find it easier to ask someone who already has one and then make an informed decision. Thanks for a quick reply Marcin.

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