Booted my Dragonboard

During ELCE in Barcelona I spoke with guys from Qualcomm about their new board, what it is etc. Some time later guys from Intrinsyc (manufacturer of board) contacted me with free coupon for it. I ordered board and received few days later. Played a bit then but my Linaro work occupied me so it went back to the box.

During Linaro Connect in Hong Kong I bought small mini-ITX case to have a way of storing Dragonboard in safe way under desk as I thought that it may be interesting machine for doing some ARM development. There is SATA, Ethernet, USB 2.0 on board so why not…

It came with Android 4.0.4 installed on on-board eMMC. I hope to replace it with Ubuntu or Debian one day. But first have to get kernel newer than 3.0 working on it.

Which may lead into usual problem — there is only vendor kernel for it as mainline lacks support for it. Probably kernel/msm repository from CodeAurora will be fine. Will see.

My new FM radio
My new FM radio

A bit to big to be useful as FM radio but had to check it ;D

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