1. broken stylus

    Few minutes ago my favorite stylus fall from table and lost a tip… So I have broken stylii for my c760 ;(

    I was using that stylus since bought collie in February 2004 — when I got c760 I swapped stylii between both Zauruses — tomorrow (or rather today) I will check does Tungsten|E one will match slot in c760.

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  2. cpufreq on Zaurus

    Yesterday I did some tests how Zaurus C760 (ARM PXA255 at 400MHz) works with cpufreq enabled kernel (2.6.13-mm1). I have few frequences (100, 200, 300, 400MHz) and modes available:

    • conservative (300MHz)
    • ondemand (autoregulated from 100MHz to 400MHz)
    • powersave (100MHz)
    • userspace (let user set what he want)
    • performance (400MHz)

    OPIE sysinfo benchmarks results:

    Test name 100MHz 200MHz 300MHz 400MHz 400MHz 2.4 kernel
    Integer arithmetics (dhrys) 115814 231669 348554 466092 450248
    Floating point unit (seconds) 15.50 6.42 3.72 2.77 3.11
    Text rendering (chars/s) 152 354 354 633 456
    Gfx rendering (gops/s) 311.17 753.58 860.25 1270.08 1441.00
    RAM performance (MB/s) 8.09, 4.68 22.22, 15.14 31.00, 18.13 48.83, 26.48 25.78, 16.17
    CF card performance (MB/s, kb/s) 16.77, 63.56 25.53, 70.73 30.76, 72.27 48.52, 77.46 not tested


    Results are weird.. RAM performance under 2.4 kernel can be 26 MB/s in one test, 44 MB/s in other, 33 MB/s in another one. Gfx performance also jumps — 1440 in one attempt, 917 in another…

    I cannot test CF card under 2.4 as I do not have pcmcia-cs installed (using pcmciautils under 2.6 kernel).

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  3. argh..

    Today I noticed that blog stopped working;(

    I have to add some magic into .htaccess to switch some PHP flags — one of them will be magic_quotes_gpc which suxx.

    UPDATE: I have to find why plugins stopped working…

    UPDATE II:It was magic_quotes_runtime option.

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  4. 4 years of work as PHP programmer

    Today I noticed that 4 years ago I started work at Polnet SA in Wrocław, Poland as PHP programmer. It was times of PHP 4.0.4 when register_globals was normal thing, when using short_tags (< ? ?>) was something which does not bothered me (today it conflict with XML).

    Now portal for which I wrote most of code exist in other form, many sections was removed, not all work — time passed, company died.

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  5. 20th Birthday of Commodore Amiga

    It was 20 years ago when Commodore Amiga (the initial name of the Amiga 1000) was unveiled officially at the Lincoln Centre in New York.

    I had Amiga 600 (with HDD and 2MB RAM) then switched to A1200 which got many upgrades like faster CPU (68030/50 and then 68040/40), additional IDE controler and more RAM (64MB FastRAM was very big amount of RAM :)

    Now I don’t have Amiga machine but does not feel that I need one — that time passed away few years ago.

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  6. APT repositories

    I don’t have APT repository with ROX-Filer from few months. If you have my website in /etc/apt/sources.list then remove them.

    I have lot of hits to the /apt/* directories which does not exists.

    UPDATE: ROX-Filer is in Debian since 29 Jul 2004 — it’s my second package in Debian (first one was tex-skak).

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  7. OPIE developer

    Yesterday I got account on handhelds.org server and R/W access to OPIE source code.

    I use OPIE for over year. From time to time I hacked source a bit and sent patches via opie-devel ML — now I can commit patches directly ;)

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  8. Miasta pod skałą

    W poprzednim numerze Przekroju była informacja o nowej książce Marka S. Huberatha “Miasta pod skałą”. Jako że “Gniazdo światów” tego samego autora ciekawą książką jest to uznałem, że i tę nabędę. W sobotę byłem w Empiku, wydałem 39.99zł i jadąc sobie pociągiem przeczytałem ~180 stron. Muszę przyznać, że wciąga i to nieżle — akcja pokręcona maksymalnie.

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