1. 2023 summary

    In past years I was writing some kind of summary of previous year. In form of kind of timeline, with info about each month etc. Time to write something about previous year but in other form.

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  2. Automating some of my personal projects

    I have several personal projects which generate HTML table with some interesting data in it:

    • AArch64 SoC features table
    • AArch64 cpu cores information
    • Linux kernel system calls for all architectures
    • Arm BSA/SBSA checklist

    Whenever I had to update them I did that by hand. Which had to end one day…

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  3. Testing *BSD on SBSA Reference Platform

    SystemReady specification mentions that system to be certified needs to be able to boot several operating systems:

    In addition, OS installation and boot logs are required:

    • Windows PE boot log, from a GPT partitioned disk, is required.
    • VMware ESXi-Arm installation and boot logs are recommended.
    • Installation and boot logs from two of the Linux distros or BSDs are required.

    All logs must be submitted using the ES/SR template.

    In choosing the Linux distros or BSDs, maximize the coverage by diversifying the heritage. For example, the following shows the grouping of the heritage:

    • RHEL/Fedora/CentOS/AlmaLinux/Rocky Linux/Oracle Linux/Anolis OS
    • SLES/openSUSE
    • Ubuntu/Debian
    • CBL-Mariner
    • NetBSD/OpenBSD/FreeBSD

    So during last week I went through *BSD ones.

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  4. SBSA Reference Platform update

    There were several changes done since my previous post on the topic. So after some discussions I decided to write a post about it.

    There are improvements, fixes and even issues with BSA specification.

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  5. Searching on a static website

    It is over four years since I moved this website from being powered by WordPress to being static set of HTML files generated by Pelican. One of side effects was lack of search option. But not any more.

    JavaScript, WebAssembly…

    Modern webdevelopment is completely other area than one I left 16 years ago. JavaScript is no longer language to animate menu or manage change of graphics when user taps on page. And there is WebAssembly when something more efficient is needed.

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  6. Versioning of sbsa-ref machine

    QEMU has emulation of several machines. One of them is “sbsa-ref” which stands for SBSA Reference Platform. The Arm server in simpler words.

    In past I worked on it when my help was needed. We have CI jobs which run some tests (SBSA ACS, BSA ACS) and do some checks to see how we are with SBSA compliance.


    One day there was discussion that we need a way to recognize variants of “sbsa-ref” in some sane way. The idea was to get rid of most of hardcoded values and provide a way to have data going from QEMU up to firmware.

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  7. Arm cpu info EFI application

    As you may know one of my side projects is AArch64 SoC features table. It reports which features of AArch64 processor were recognized by Linux kernel and presented in /proc/cpuinfo file.

    But there are moments when I do not want to boot Linux just to check what features cpu cores are capable of. So I wrote an EFI application for it and called it “ArmCpuInfo”.

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