Automating some of my personal projects

I have several personal projects which generate HTML table with some interesting data in it:

Whenever I had to update them I did that by hand. Which had to end one day…

Github Actions

Repositories with data for all those tables are hosted on Github. So I decided to use their CI system: Github Actions to automate it. Simple workflows for now.

System calls table

There is a workflow running every Tuesday (as Linus Torvalds does releases on Sunday/Monday) which checks are there any changes in system calls. New names, new enablements etc. If there are changes then I get a pull request to handle.

This does the job, still may require some changes but I no longer have to check manually.

And whenever data/* files are changed HTML table is regenerated.

Arm SoC features table

For now I have a workflow which regenerate HTML tables whenever data change. I am planning to add workflow which would start on a new issue creation to import data and provide a pull request.

Github Pages

To make things easier I moved HTML tables to Github Pages (hidden under CNAME). This way I can have them updated automatically and present online without handling credentials to my personal server.

Sidebar links are updated, redirects are provided for old URLs.

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