CFXGA card util

Few days ago kados on #openzaurus asked me about support for CF-XGA card under OpenZaurus. I googled and found kernel driver for card and source of few tools. Card API is simple (few ioctl() calls), card itself is simple too — few resolutions available, VGA/Composite/S-Video output and 800x600 in 16bits.

Kernel module needed patching (as usual) but finally I got it built and it works on device (Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 ‘tosa’). Small utils which I built also works.

But yesterday I started own tool for that card. It is simple but now it has functionality of few other tools and will improve when I will find some free time.

UPDATE: got display ;) 480x480 for now instead of 480x640 but thats some kind of display ;)