Please, do not follow Pavel Machek way

In his recent posts Pavel Machek wrote about OpenZaurus status on collie and how he hacked provided image to get it working better. After reading them I decided to write something about it instead of just adding comment on his LinuxJournal entries.

  1. There is no need to mount JFFS2 images as all images in OpenZaurus are also provided as tarballs. So user can unpack tarball, edit it content and then use mkfs.jffs2 to create image for flashing (this tool is part of mtd-tools package in many Linux distributions).

  2. Avoid removing /usr/lib/ipkg/ directory — this is needed to be able to install any extra stuff into image. If you need free space then rather use ipkg list_installed and remove not needed stuff with ipkg remove -recursive UnNeededStuff1 UnNeededStuff2 to free space. There are many things in default rootfs which user can remove if does not need them:

    • Bluetooth support
    • WiFi support
    • Prism2 cards
    • Spectrum/Orinoco/Hermes cards
    • tools
    • NFS support
    • other kernel modules
  3. Touchscreen configuration is provided for 2.4 and 2.6 kernel version — proper one is selected in /etc/profiles.d/ script which is run by any graphic environment on machine.

For those who wonder who is Pavel Machek: he is a guy who work on getting 2.6 kernel working on collie (outside of OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus kernel hackers team).

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