As desktop environment I use KDE 3.5.x but for developing websites I use Firefox and this force me into evil side of world — GTK one…

Each time when I have to upload file into system I need to think ‘does test17.png is <10K or not’ because GTK developers follow some kind of GNOME way to simplicity in removing anything which can be removed and more. I am not requesting thumbnails and other things from KDE filerequester but possibility to see sizes would be great.

I can not understand why there is no possibility to check file sizes — each other library which I used over years gave it.

Good thing is that Firefox allow to be configured to use own filerequester instead of shitty one.

GTK FileRequester – disaster idea

2 thoughts on “GTK FileRequester – disaster idea

  • 1st December 2006 at 15:28

    I also was highly annoyed by it, up to the point that I patched firefox to put some sanity into it. Why am I talking using paste tense you may ask ! Because someone at mozilla was struck by a lightning of sense and now (since firefox 2.0 I think, I’m running Minefield) you can do that :

    • open “about:config”
    • find or add the boolean key “ui.allow_platform_file_picker”
    • set it to false and relax 🙂

    So, what do I win ?

  • 1st December 2006 at 16:51

    Nothing from me – I use that switch for some time already. And also Minefield 😉

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