Casino Royale

Half an hour ago I came back from cinema where I was watching newest Bond movie: “Casino Royale”. There was many posts about this movie so I will not write what it is about but rather what I liked or not.

One of good things was lowering amount of gadgets — previous movies had too many of them, and without Q it is not the same. There was of course car with gadgets but it appeared in few scenes only. I liked how they made Sony Ericsson cellphones — they were similar to normal ones but bumped graphics resolution and functionality. Sony paid a lot for their product placement — Sony Vaio laptop was used in most of scenes where laptops were shown.

Real action scenes existed and were nice made (maybe that sinking house in Venice was a bit not in place). Funny one the one when Bond order vodka with martini and after question ‘shaked or mixed’ he told that he does not care. Famous ‘I am Bond, James Bond’ is only once — at the end of movie, which is something new ;)

What I did not like was romantic part — there was too much romantic — more then in other Bond movies. All those ‘I will quit this job for you’ talks were not in his style. Other thing was mixing past with now — it was first (chronologically) Bond movie but the action was placed after 2001 (many times with reminding 9/11).

Overall: yet another good action movie. It was worth going to cinema to see it.

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