Firefox Quantum ;(

From time to time I try to change web browser (switch Firefox <> Chrome). This time it is moving to Firefox Quantum (v57). And have to say that I have very mixed opinion.

For years it was easy: Chrome is faster, Firefox has extensions which can alter how browser look, feel, work, behave. From Firefox Quantum it is gone. All add-ons have now be “so called” WebExtensions - no way to alter browser itself, only what is presented on web page can be changed.

Say good bye to switching tabs with mouse scroll - function was always missing in Firefox but there was extension for it. Same with tab grouping in tab bar - “Tree Style Tab” is now sidebar and original tab bar has to be disabled through userChrome.css file. Good that they got at least moved reload/stop button to the left side of location…

I will use it for week or two and see it stay or not on my desktop instead of Chrome. Have to admit that main reason for test is tab grouping function in Tree Style Tab as it allows me to get rid of multiple browser windows.

Also I have limited amount of extensions in use to just six ones related to ad blocking/privacy/user scripts.