My Neo1973 arrived

Yesterday I got my Neo1973 phase0 phone. It came with black/silver case which I think is nicer then white/orange or white/red ones. By default it came without any phone related applications because they are not written yet or are not ready to be used even by developers.

Phone itself is bigger then my current one. Screen is… awesome — very clear and bright (LCD has 3957 levels of brightness).

When it comes to wireless connections there is Bluetooth 2.0 EDR available and GSM/GPRS (no EDGE or UMTS). By default also USB Networking is available (I do not like this way but it works out-of-box).

Ah.. and it has only two buttons — Power and AUX (also called 911 button). And GPS (Hammerhead chipset).

I plan to write longer review during next few days.

openmoko phone