During last weeks I mostly work for OpenedHand company. In this time I became more and more addicted to some of programming related KDE apps. My usual set of working programs consists:

Great note taking apps which I use to keep 3-4 lists of ToDo items.
Subversion client which is nicely integrated in Konqueror window.
merge util which is too good to not be used
difference showing util which visualize changes (KDESvn can use it)

Another interesting apps:

KDE interface to Cscope — provides a source-editing environment for large C projects. Good thing if you want to work with things like kernel drivers. Linux.com had article about this tool quite recently.
Minimal dumb-terminal emulation program — very useful when it comes to talk with U-Boot on Neo1973 or talking to GSM Modem inside of that phone. Much better then cu from uucp package as this one does not need any permission changes, extra spool directories etc crap.

Some of my readers use them, some use other stuff. If you know interesting application which can help me in doing my programmer/system integrator work then feel free to add info in comments.

Programming tools which I use

3 thoughts on “Programming tools which I use

  • 13th March 2007 at 14:00

    Basket looks interesting, I think I will try it. As for another note taking application U can also look at FreeMind (http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page). It is java, mind-mapping application, and U can than put yours maps with preview applet on your site. I use it for some quick notes about different things including my projects. U can create some links on every nodes to another maps or links to html documents or web urls. I do not have nice client for subversion, so I have to use commandline or Eclipse plugin (as for now I can’t get used to and don’t like clients integrating with konqueror). But if U need some day a cvs gui client – linCVS is quite ok. I do not know a fine C/C++ IDE software, cause I dont code in C from ages. For little C file changes (or any other file) I use either kate or JEdit. Did U ever try a KDevelop?

  • 13th March 2007 at 14:16

    FreeMind is Java which means that I will not even touch it, sorry (I have aversion to that language due to JVM memory usage).

    LinCVS was nice indeed, then there were license changes and it is in non-free section of Debian. Now I do not develop projects which keep source code in CVS so I use command line ‘cvs’ or KDE Cervisia (which also integrate with Konqueror).

    My main editor is gVim but from time to time I also use Kate. JEdit was a bit too slow for me (and is in Java), KDevelop is too big for me.

    Thx for suggestions.

  • 13th March 2007 at 15:18


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