Programming tools which I use

During last weeks I mostly work for OpenedHand company. In this time I became more and more addicted to some of programming related KDE apps. My usual set of working programs consists:

Great note taking apps which I use to keep 3-4 lists of ToDo items.
Subversion client which is nicely integrated in Konqueror window.
merge util which is too good to not be used
difference showing util which visualize changes (KDESvn can use it)

Another interesting apps:

KDE interface to Cscope — provides a source-editing environment for large C projects. Good thing if you want to work with things like kernel drivers. had article about this tool quite recently.
Minimal dumb-terminal emulation program — very useful when it comes to talk with U-Boot on Neo1973 or talking to GSM Modem inside of that phone. Much better then cu from uucp package as this one does not need any permission changes, extra spool directories etc crap.

Some of my readers use them, some use other stuff. If you know interesting application which can help me in doing my programmer/system integrator work then feel free to add info in comments.

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