Today I got mail from Harald Welte that I am one of 36 developers which decided to get phase0 device (Neo1973 revision GTA01Bv3). Why not 50 like it was announced before?

Week ago Harald wrote to phase0 developers that we have a choice. We can get GTA01Bv3 version which can be hard to use (all described in OpenMoko wiki) or wait 4-6 weeks for phase1 device. The good part of it is that those of us which prefer to get broken version will also get fixed one (and can keep both devices).

Someone can tell why other developers decided to skip phase0? I think that main reason is customs office. For example in Poland we have to pay 22% VAT for electronics which can be expensive for many users.

Why I decided to took GTA01Bv3? Few reasons:

  • want to have device for Pingwinaria event in March (there will be one talk about OpenMoko and I will have one about OpenEmbedded)
  • it is nice hackable device (even with bugs)
  • sidetone effect can be later fixed by GSM firmware update (which is non-free but maybe on some event one of coreteam devels will be able to do it)
My Neo1973 has been sent