Avahi looks interesting

Yesterday I first time tried avahi on my Linux systems. And I have to tell that it looks interesting. All my machines provide informations about running services, I can connect to my phone via simple ssh neo.local instead of remembering which IP it has etc.

And all services can be checked from any host with one simple avahi-browse -a command:

Server version: avahi 0.6.16; Host name: home.local
E Ifce Prot Name                                          Type                 Domain
+ usb0 IPv4 Remote Terminal on neo                        SSH Remote Terminal  local
+ eth0 IPv4 Remote Terminal on c7x0                       SSH Remote Terminal  local
+ usb0 IPv4 SFTP File Transfer on neo                     SFTP File Transfer   local
+ eth0 IPv4 SFTP File Transfer on c7x0                    SFTP File Transfer   local
+ usb0 IPv4 home [3a:c2:64:5e:7b:1f]                      Workstation          local
+ usb0 IPv4 neo [92:5a:40:01:4a:77]                       Workstation          local
+ eth0 IPv4 c7x0 [00:10:7a:11:11:11]                      Workstation          local
+ eth0 IPv4 home [00:50:da:11:11:11]                      Workstation          local

UPDATE: Ångström will have avahi in default system ;)

angstrom avahi