GPS driver for FIC GTA01 in beta

During night some selected people got link to page on one of OpenMoko servers. After accepting EULA they got gllin package.

What is in package? Gllin binary itself, starter script and set of libraries from OM2007.1 release (OABI). They used “—library-path” option of dynamic linker to use old libraries on OM2007.2 system:

lib/ --library-path /home/root/gllin/lib:/home/root/gllin/usr/lib /home/root/gllin/gllin.real -low 5
lib/ --library-path /home/root/gllin/lib:/home/root/gllin/usr/lib /home/root/gllin/gllin.real -periodic 1

What I do not like is location where those files are stored - $HOME should not be touched by packages… But they will probably change it later.

Now who first will share informations how good it works for him/her?