During night some selected people got link to page on one of OpenMoko servers. After accepting EULA they got gllin package.

What is in package? Gllin binary itself, starter script and set of libraries from OM2007.1 release (OABI). They used “–library-path” option of dynamic linker to use old libraries on OM2007.2 system:

lib/ld-linux.so.2 --library-path /home/root/gllin/lib:/home/root/gllin/usr/lib /home/root/gllin/gllin.real -low 5
lib/ld-linux.so.2 --library-path /home/root/gllin/lib:/home/root/gllin/usr/lib /home/root/gllin/gllin.real -periodic 1

What I do not like is location where those files are stored – $HOME should not be touched by packages… But they will probably change it later.

Now who first will share informations how good it works for him/her?

GPS driver for FIC GTA01 in beta

3 thoughts on “GPS driver for FIC GTA01 in beta

  • 29th November 2007 at 13:34

    Bartek: I know few solutions – the one which you suggest was already tried. This official one is based on other attempt and use less space (which is expensive on 64MB flash GTA01).

  • 5th December 2007 at 01:59

    Seems to work ok here.

    Didn’t find any ‘native’ packaged apps to test with on the device itself and got bored looking at /tmp/nmeaNP, so I installed and ran gpsd (ipkg install gpsd, set GPS_DEV=”/tmp/nmeaNP” in /etc/default/gpsd, /etc/init.d/gpsd start) on the Neo and “gpsdrive -b” on the desktop. Connected ok, and even shows the right spot on the map 🙂

    In terms of resources it certainly seems light enough – according to top, gpsd uses about 2-3% CPU when in use and 0% when idle, while gllin is always at 0%.

    Now if someone would port maemo mapper to openmoko…

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