Audio routing in mobile phones

I do not know how it is in other mobile phones but there is one annoying thing in my Sony Ericsson k750i phone. It is how it handle audio…

As phone has FM radio integrated I use it very often. When I go somewhere I usually plug headset (which was provided with phone) and turn on radio. The problem is when someone calls me… The phone starts ringing but it does not use headset for output :( Yes — ring tone is played on internal loudspeaker instead of headset. Good part is that radio playing is interrupted so I have occasion to hear ring and press headset button to receive call. Bad part is that radio is interrupted from time to time sometimes even without calls so it is hard to find out sometimes is it radio problem or incoming call.

If there will be a day that I will switch to Neo1973 (and I hope that it will be GTA02 version) then at least that problem will be solved. Or it will be solvable due to openness of platform.

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