Few months ago in post about my OpenEmbedded related trips I wrote that Bromley is part of London. Since then I was there during OpenedHand X-mas party and was told that it is not true.

So it looks like all my trips related to OE ends in cities which names starts with “B”. I just hope that next one will not be to Brisbane or Beijing 🙂

Bromley is not part of London

3 thoughts on “Bromley is not part of London

  • 21st December 2007 at 11:37

    Ugh! stupid challenge, and the back button does not preserve the comments.

    Okay, in short, pretty much every thing on the link you sent indicates that Bromley is part of London, it has the same police/fire/ambulance services. It is clearly situated within the greater London perimeter, any claim to independence has no real grounds.

    I’m not sure why you think it isn’t part of London?

    I think though, part of the problem is that with “London” you basically have two things.

    London City, which is in actual fact tiny, and makes up the VERY centre.

    You then have Greater London, which is massive (population around 10 million I think). My belief is that when most people talk about “london” they tend to mean greater London as opposed to the City of London.

    Greater london shares police, ambulance, fire services, public transport etc etc.

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