Today I got email from nokia care Europe:

Uprzejmie informujemy, że na dzień dzisiejszy nie posiadamy szczegółowych informacji na temat planowanych premier produktów. W przedstawionej przez Pana sprawie uprzejmie prosimy więc śledzić na bieżąco informacje, pojawiające się na naszych stronach internetowych. W celu uzyskania szczegółów dotyczących możliwości zakupu telefonów lub akcesoriów oraz cen należy skontaktować się bezpośrednio z autoryzowanymi punktami sprzedaży Nokia. Podajemy link do adresów owych punktów:

For those which do not understand Polish:

Currently we do not have information about planned première. Please track our website. If you want to get details about how to buy our phones or accessories or to know price please contact our authorized shops.

In other words — no plans to sell N800/N810 tablets in Poland 🙁

UPDATE: Matthew Allum told that N810 is available in UK online store. I know that but it is too insane to buy hardware there as if something break costs of sending/receiving device will be too high. Not to mention that I would have to learn how English law handle such things.

Nokia tablets in Poland part 3

8 thoughts on “Nokia tablets in Poland part 3

  • 21st December 2007 at 18:07

    I’m trying to buy a Nokia N810 in germany at the moment, it’s also very diffilcult, the normal shops don’t have it and the Online store is a hazzle and because I thought the Nokia shop in my city would have it it’s going to be a christmas without prsents, you see it’s not even easy to get an IT when it’s available in your country. That said you could try to have it shipped to a location near the German border and get it yourself thanks to the new Schengen treaty… It’s probably a lot of hazzle though

  • 21st December 2007 at 19:14

    Nik: it is not even “how to buy it” as this can be organized in many ways.

    With last maemo developer program I felt like being one from worst part of world as it does not really mattered who you are but first where are you from. I have enough all those “we do not support Poland just because we do not” things. First it was Paypal, now nokia etc. Time passed, Paypal allows to create account and use it normally. I do not think that this finnish company will change…

  • 22nd December 2007 at 00:11

    Interesting coincident …. Today on my visit to shopping center in Lublin I was playing with bluetooth. While scanning I found “N800” in the neighborhood. So either somebody just named the phone like that or N800 is already here.

    Cheers Michal

  • 25th December 2007 at 00:42

    If you are looking for a cheap online dealer in germany i would suggest or as reliable source. I am not sure though if they deliver to Poland. has already listed the n810 für about 403€.It is not available at moment and i suppose you have to wait at least 14 days until it is on stock. To find out about others dealers you could search also, or post a request at , which is the biggest german forum on mobile phones with a subforum about commercial offers.

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