Yesterday I unpacked Atmel NGW100 developer board. It is simple board without any whistles etc. but result is cheap device for those who wants to play with AVR32 architecture.

Board contains:

  • one serial port (female instead of male)
  • two Ethernet ports (I got 40Mbps with iperf)
  • USB device port
  • SD/MMC socket
  • JTAG connector
  • 32MB sdram
  • 16MB flash
  • few expension connectors with extra signals
  • footprint for mictor-38 connector for NEXUS emulator

And this is how it looks on my desk:

Atmel NGW100 board

I had to connect it like that because of female serial port I had to plug it directly to FTDI adapter because I lack straight serial cable 😀

New architecture on my desk