I finally found a time to connect debug board to Efika MX Smartbook. I got that dongle about week ago but had more important things to do.

Package arrived in small box with BBRV signature on it:

Inside was “Lange 3 DB Board” made by Pegatron company. This provides ARM JTAG and serial connectors.

To connect it with Efika MX Smartbook first thing to do is take out keyboard. To do this small screwdriver is needed to push in four places at the top edge:

Inside you see empty space for mini-pciexpress card (but only USB signalling) which is used for 3G modems. On the right is half size mini-pciexpress card (also USB only ofcourse) wifi card based on Ralink 3273 chipset. Debug board cable needs to be connected to CONN1501 connector under 3G modem space (contacts bottom).

Keyboard can be put back into place so it is possible to use serial/JTAG and keyboard at same time:

What for I would use debug board? Time will show. So far I found out that kernel based on 10.08 Freescale code drop has worse battery driver then previous one (10.07 based). After one hack I got at least system which boots normally.

Debug board for Efika MX Smartbook

10 thoughts on “Debug board for Efika MX Smartbook

  • 30th November 2010 at 06:19

    Hehehe… When arrive the day of Efika full Linux support?

  • 20th January 2011 at 12:02

    Where i can buy this device (debug board)?

  • 26th March 2011 at 03:49

    Maybe a bit OT, but will Skype run on this device? The price might now be within range and I am interested and this might be a factor. Also, does there appear to be any way to add RAM?

    Thanks friend.

    • 29th March 2011 at 16:18

      There is no Skype available for ARM (exceptions were Nokia’s Maemo system and Android). And there is no way to add more ram (I would like to have at least 1GB).

  • 5th May 2011 at 13:02

    i’ve a fresh new efikamx smartop+debugboard but i’m unable to see something on my serial console (115000 8N1 NOR). How i can do something? Should i move the dipswitch ?


    • 9th May 2011 at 17:59

      Check did you connected flat cable correctly — red led on debug board should light.

  • 9th November 2011 at 01:48

    Is there any information of the pinout of the debug board? It looks very similar to my openmoko debug board, maybe I can use that.

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