There is a new set of rumours on websites about next Nokia tablet. Name it N900 (speculation name) or Rover (which is internal name) or famous N00 which probably is on prototypes (Nokia uses N00 on proto phones and tablets).

As Jamie Bennett wrote on his blog it will be hard to sell this tablet. He compares it to netbooks but I see other device to buy instead — Touchbook which has similar internals but higher resolution (1024×600 instead of 800×480) on bigger screen (8.9″ instead of 3.5″). OK, it will not have GSM like N900 but I do not care about it — my current phone is good enough.

And then goes other problem — Maemo. I used Maemo 2005/6/7/8 on Nokia 770 and N810 and ok, it is fine and working system but… It is niche system — small amount of applications available and no other environments then Hildon one (chroot with KDE which runs in window under Hildon does not count).

And question is how open will it be for other operating systems/distributions — I hope that Nokia will not follow 770/n8x0 way.

My opinion on next Nokia tablet

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  • 27th May 2009 at 13:48

    I’d like to get a Touchbook. I wonder if GrĂ©goire would sell any of them at special proce for OE developers.

  • 27th May 2009 at 15:01

    There is a huge difference between an internet tablet and a netbook.

    1) It fits in your pocket – carrying a netbook requires a bag, I go lots of places without a bag.

    2) The power usage means you can treat it like a mobile phone (i.e. leave it on all the time, charge it when it needs it).

    I can give heaps of examples of things that are possible on a tablet that you can’t/wouldn’t do on a netbook. Instead, I’ll tell you 3 anecdotes from today – these aren’t the killer apps, but hopefully they give you a taste for how it is in a different class:

    • On my way there, I forgot what the address was, so without slowing down, I quickly checked.

    • I was walking home in the rain, as I walked under a covered area, I pulled it out and resumed playback of a podcast I was listening to – without slowing down, and without it getting wet.

    • Once I was home, I left it somewhere, since it is always on, it connected to my wifi automatically, and I transferred some movies to it, so I could watch them on the train tomorrow, all without having to touch it.

    Yes, I’m sure netbooks have their place, but they just wouldn’t substitute for an internet tablet for those three things.

    • 28th May 2009 at 14:29

      @Andy: yes, there is a difference between tablet and netbook. But I have other use then You. For FM radio, music, podcasts, maps and walking navigation I use my Nokia E66 cellphone. For car navigation I use TomTom One. So I do not need tablet for it.

      Watching movies on the train is hard on 4.x” screen which N810 has (I used it once for that) and I prefer to not imagine how will it look on N900 and it’s 3.5″. But I can imagine taking Touchbook from backpack and watch movie on it.

      Power usage is my main reason to consider Touchbook — it has to have 10-15 hours on one charge (there are two batteries in device). This will make it a nice companion for conferences — take it from charger in the morning, use during day, plug charger in the evening.

  • 27th May 2009 at 16:38

    @Andy, I agree with you, a netbook won’t be able to replace an ultra mobile internet tablet.

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