Sim.One #0006 arrived

Today I got nice package in post office — Simplemachines One developer board (Sim.One in short). It is based on Cirrus Logic EP9307 processor with Maverick Crunch floating point unit. I got board with #0006 serial number.

Board is much better then EDB9301 which I used so far for EP93xx toolchain tests. What is on board:

By default board boots into Debian ‘lenny’ system stored on 4GB SDHC card. But there are problems with it as this is MMC over SPI so speed is very limited (about 250KB/s only) and it time outs quite often so I plan to move to USB stick during next days.

Next step will be adding it into OpenEmbedded and running Ångström as base distribution.

BTW — how did I got it at all? That’s due my recent work on merging EP93xx support into OE — I was asked do I want developer board with this processor.

ep93xx sbc