Ubuntu cross compilers

Some time ago developers from Linaro asked me to provide cross compilers which will target ARM. I did setup two (amd64 and i386) chroots with maverick and started builds.

Result is available at my area of people.canonical.com server as normal APT repository. Currently I provide gcc-4.4, gcc-4.5 and binutils there + all ARM libraries which are needed. And this is bare toolchain — you can build kernel with it or hello.c but if you want something more complicated then you will need additional libraries.

Building of those toolchains was easy. Much more time consuming was improving packaging rules. I merged all cross ones into native related so (according to diffstat) over 1600 lines were removed. And that was not all — I am finding new things each day so lot of rebuilds happen. Thanks to Matthias Klose (also known as doko) who is Debian/Ubuntu gcc maintainer all those changes were reviewed, fixed, improved, accepted and released in last versions of “gcc-4.4” and “gcc-4.5” packages in both those distributions.

UPDATE: all those packages are available in Ubuntu 10.10 (and later) repositories.

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