Updated cross toolchain for Ubuntu

During last two weeks I was working on updating PPA with cross toolchain for Ubuntu. Current development branch (12.04 ‘precise’) got gcc 4.6.2 and 4.5.3, binutils 2.22, eglibc 2.15 and linux 3.2 headers.

Then I started work on getting those updates also for previous LTS (10.04 ‘lucid’) and for previous stable release (11.10 ‘oneiric’). Versions between those two (10.10 ‘maverick’ and 11.04 ‘natty’) are not supported but binaries built for ‘lucid’ should work just fine on them.

It is time-consuming cause I had to run many builds to make sure that everything is properly patched etc. I listed all required tasks in “Toolchain update for Linaro Toolchain Backports PPA for 12.03” blueprint on Launchpad. Most time-consuming is waiting for PPA builders but at that phase I was just checking did they finished already due to working on other projects.

So if you are stuck on one of released versions of Ubuntu and need fresh cross compiler targetting “armel” (there is no “armhf” for this PPA) consider using PPA with cross toolchain for Ubuntu.

And do not forget to report any bugs found to armel-cross-toolchain-base and gcc-4.6-armel-cross (or gcc-4.5-armel-cross if you use older one).

cross-compiler linaro ubuntu