Two months ago I wrote about cross compilers for Ubuntu. Lot of things changes since then:

  1. I am able to bootstrap ARM targeting cross compiler using Ubuntu build machines (so no manual steps).
  2. Packages are now available in my Armel cross compilers PPA repository. My repository at is still operational but will not be updated anymore.
  3. Source of my packages with whole history is available in GIT repository.
  4. Bug was filled to get those packages imported into Ubuntu archive. And it got accepted by Ubuntu Release Team! So expect ARM cross compiler packages soon in Maverick 🙂

What next? Improvements of course. Recently Al Viro got Debian/Ubuntu gcc packages working for biarch/triarch architectures (think: powerpc, mips, s390) so in free time I will take a look to make powerpc cross compiler (require some work).

Other thing will be merging my packages into Debian. This will take more time because kernel recipes needs to be changed for it and Debian is not only Linux…

UPDATE: armel cross-compiler packages are available in Ubuntu 10.10 ‘maverick’ and newer. To install them you need to run apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi (substitute ‘gcc’ with ‘g++’ or ‘gfortran’ or ‘gobjc’ or ‘gobcj++’ if needed). Other repositories were taken down and will not return.

Ubuntu cross compilers – part 2

6 thoughts on “Ubuntu cross compilers – part 2

  • 10th September 2010 at 19:17

    Regarding #4 – hell yeah!

    Generally – I’ve gone through setting up armel-gcc 2 days ago and couldn’t do it easily on Ubuntu, so I have set up a debian VM. Too bad that I didn’t wait until this post 🙂

  • 12th September 2010 at 18:38

    Congrats Marcin, I look forward to trying them out. I’ve got a Maverick netbook beta disk and I’ve been playing with it in VirtualBox to test our Ubuntu’s new connman/indicator-network setup. I’ll be sure to take the cross-compiler for a spin… I’ve been following the linaro and ubuntu beagleboard projects and look forward to trying it.

  • 21st February 2011 at 21:03

    Thanks for your great work! It works well on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine. By the way, the eglibc(/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib) is built with thumb-interwork mode. Is it possible to provide another version built with ARM mode ? or Is there any way to configure it to be installed as ARM mode ? I will try to build one these days, though I have no many experiences on building cross tools.

    Thanks again for these convenient packages.

    • 23rd February 2011 at 17:31

      Nice to hear that someone is using them 😉

      And no — I will not build them in ARM mode. They are Ubuntu packages and we do Thumb2 by default.

  • 22nd April 2011 at 15:10

    Hello guys, I am trying to write the command “sudo apt-get install gfortran-arm-linux-gnueabi” and this is the result : Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done E: Couldn’t find package gfortran-arm-linux-gnueabi any idea ?

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