ARM 64-bit porting for OpenEmbedded

As already I wrote during summer I was working mostly on AArch64 (ARM 64-bit) — especially on OpenEmbedded support.

I spent time on reminding myself how OE works, learning new tricks and creating some limited images (we removed unneeded daemons etc) for our next step which would be booting ARM64 images in Fast Models. Yes, there is no existing hardware yet for this architecture :) But we want to have distributions ready for it when it became available.

Last Monday Linaro published glibc patches for AArch64 port so normal cross compiler works (people already built bare metal one) and work got speed up. During previous week I got opportunity to discuss with ARM Ltd. engineers about internal compiler errors in gcc and got some of them fixed next day. During hacking sessions in Linaro office (in Cambridge, UK) we managed to get most of our targets done:

Plans for this week are LAMP image and start merging everything usable back into OpenEmbedded. I do have OpenEmbedded Core branch already and need to create such one for OpenEmbedded.

aarch64 linaro openembedded ubuntu