It is hard to write job description when you are leaving

Time to do hard task — write job description for my replacement at Linaro. Or maybe not replacement but for someone who will take some or most of my duties there.

I did so many things at Linaro during last 2.5 years that it is hard to decide what such person should know. I learnt Bazaar (not hard once you know Subversion), improved Git skills and tried few projects which tried to bridge both. Learnt more about Launchpad than wanted — people at #launchpad channel are really helpful (same with #bzr ones).

There was lot of building involved. From fixing packages in Ubuntu and Debian to building with OpenEmbedded. I even did some build automation with use of Launchpad. Then there was Jenkins where we moved most of our builds.

I became MOTU in Ubuntu and got Debian Maintainer status in Debian. Have to clean some things and take “android tools” package more into shape as there are co-maintainers waiting in queue with patches. Also updated my OpenEmbedded skills to current state as last time I was using it there was no layers ;)

But how to summarise it in short job description? You will see soon at Linaro’s jobs page soon.

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