Does someone wants Tizen development platform device?

Half year ago I got Tizen development platform device. Played a bit with it and then put in a drawer due to other things to do.

Today I looked again at Tizen. Nothing changed. Git repositories still scream “****@#$!$ *** *** you developers!” due to lack of any commits other than code drop bombs.

So if someone (from Europe) wants this device — be first to comment. Sending with DHL and you pay for posting.

13 thoughts on “Does someone wants Tizen development platform device?”

  1. Is that the smartphone device that whose specs sounded like it is a rebranded galaxy nexus? Weren’t you looking for a new phone? Have you checked if there are Android builds for it?

    Tizen looks to me as it’s going to be an even larger fiasco than Meego. Is there even a single person working on it in her spare time?

    1. It is smartphone like device but there are few problems with it:

      • cellular radio is not working/accessible
      • build quality is worse then poor
      • it is brick size

      And it is Samsung Galaxy S2 with 720p screen rather then Galaxy Nexus based.

      Never checked how Tizen community looks.

  2. Hello there!

    Indeed very sad about how Tizen turned out. I wouldn’t mind playing around with the device though. I’m located in Norway, send me an email if I made it for the details regarding shipping/payment etc.


  3. I’ve never wanted to be in Europe so much in my life! I’m here in the U.S. if you change your mind.

  4. Hi, would be nice to compare another smartphone platform :). But I guess it won’t became my favorite too :/.

  5. Hi, I’d be very interested in a developer device. I’m an active developer of the middleware and the SHR distribution (, furthermore I’m involved in the GTA04 project ( and I’d like to have another device to test on.

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