Chromebook hackers: unite!

I created a project at Launchpad to have one place to gather hackers playing with ARM based Chromebook support in their distros.

Project is named “Cross distro support for Samsung Chromebook (ARM based)” and is maintained by team named “Samsung Chromebook (ARM) hackers“. If you want to join then you need to have Launchpad account and then join the team.

Why Launchpad instead of (insert any similar place)? Because I know it and it has very good bugtracker which allows to track other bug trackers. And it does not have to have anything related with Ubuntu…

OK, most of bugs now are about Ubuntu but that’s because I added them. But take a look at bug about ALSA UCM support. It affects our project but also affected “alsa-lib” and “alsa-utils” packages in Ubuntu. There is nothing which could stop us from adding links to Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE or other distros bug reports there.

I added PPA there which will get binary packages for “raring” (unless they got merged) and backports for “quantal” and who knows, maybe one day even for “precise”. Due to policy that repository will not be able to build for “armhf” architecture but one of my personal ones can so I will copy packages.

So, who wants to join us? We already have non-Ubuntu people in the team!

chromebook debian development fedora linaro ubuntu