Dear Samsung: @#$@%@!!!!11!!$#$# you!

I bought many Samsung products. There were monitors, cellphones, storage and others. But I am starting to feel that it is time to change vendor…

All because Chromebook…

Device pushed to market in a big rush with kernel allowing users to burn devices. I really do not like smell of burnt speakers and plastics. Like Dylan Reid commented my Google+ post:

I’m guessing that a path was set up from MIC1 (wired to DMIC in) to the left speaker output. Playing the digital mic input as analog at full volume seems like something that might cause speaker failure, and wouldn’t necessarily be audible while it is happening.

My device runs Ubuntu 13.04, has UCM profiles installed to get sound working on what left from speakers but if application touch ALSA in wrong way then I have to open windows to get some air and get smoke out.

I never had such problems with all devices I played with. NEVER

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