Chromebook support lands in 13.04

Today I got email that ‘xf86-video-armsoc’ landed in Ubuntu 13.04 ‘raring’. I also sent ‘linux-chromebook’ into archive.

Next step would be ‘vboot-utils’ which are now in NEW queue in Debian. Once it lands I will sync it into Ubuntu so we can sign kernels. What else needs to go into archive? Maybe OpenGLES driver. I have 0.45 packaged but need to fix showing the license.

What with support of older Ubuntu releases? I do not care about them and have a feeling that those who run them on their Chromebooks does not care as well (no one checked UCM profiles which were for verification).

So if you want to have good working Ubuntu on your Samsung ARM Chromebook then update to 13.04 or take care of backporting updates or ‘talk to the hand’.

16 thoughts on “Chromebook support lands in 13.04”

  1. What’s the status of graphics acceleration? Any chance we’ll have non-choppy animations anytime soon?

  2. Do you know if the new xorg driver will allow HDMI out to work? This is the one feature thats make or break for me since I need to do project with it?

  3. Do we have a list of things that are working and not working with this release? 13.04 is in Alpha at the moment isn’t it? Do we have any idea if things will be even more supported when the final is released?

  4. My issue with 12.04 has been getting flash to work. I followed some guides to copy over the ARM flash driver from Chrome OS and got Chromium to recognize the driver but it still won’t actually load it for flash videos. Any clue if this is easier to get working in 13.04?

  5. Is there a way to install wine on 12.04 chrubuntu on the samsung chromebook. I have ran into multiple issues ranging from unmet dependancies to broken packages. I have tried numerous purported fixes to no avail. I’m beginning to suspect a compatibility issue with the ARM processor. I’m trying to install office since libre office has issues with formatting loss. Thanks, Peter

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