I am subscribed to many mailing lists. Creating filters for them was usually pain but keeping all in one folder was also not useful. So I decided to make it more automatic.

There are many pages which will tell you how to use maildrop, how nice it is etc. But as I am used to “autofolder” set of procmail rules written by Kamal Mostafa from Canonical I had some requirements already and some ideas how to handle few things in other way.

So what I did? Maybe not so much so far:

  • handle @list[sy].DOMAIN servers
  • autocreation of folder structure (/ML/{DOMAIN}/{LISTNAME})
  • all GitHub projects are handled as folders of github.com

There is a lot of work to do but for now I am happy with what I did.

You can see it in hrw/dotfiles-mailfilter repository on github.

If someone finds it useful then please comment, fork, send merge requests, patches etc.

Automatic sorting of mailing lists with maildrop

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