Crazy ARM Server hack idea

During break between talks I spoke with Rob Taylor and Andreia Gaita about lack of ARM powered servers. And then cute hack appeared in my head…

Rockchip released RK3268 (if I got numbers correctly) which uses four Cortex-A12 cores. There are HDMI dongles with it and 2 GB of ram.

So the idea is: we take 1U server case, glue as many dongles as we can and connect them with USB cables for power and network. Then put some OpenStack or other software to maintain a cloud and it may even work.

The problems Rob noted would be heat and lack of bandwidth. But it would be cute embedded nonsense hack.

13:58 hrw@tygrysek:~$ sudo poweroff

Over month ago OVH started offering “KS 2G” servers for 15 PLN per month. Like few other friends I decided to take it.

Waiting for new machine took nearly a month but finally got it. I had a small problem with a name for it. But as “KS 2G” is smaller than i5 where my previous system was hosted I decided to reuse name “malenstwo” (Roo from “Winnie the Pooh”) which before was attached to PandaBoard(s).

Copied data from previous server (named tygrysek due to Tiger), updated Ubuntu to 13.04 and started to migrate services. And today I moved last one and sent my Xen VM instance to shredder…

What changed? I have “bare metal” machine on which I can do experiments and do not have to worry about users of other Xen instances like it was before. Have native IPv6 address so sending backups to my home will be easier.

Automatic sorting of mailing lists with maildrop

I am subscribed to many mailing lists. Creating filters for them was usually pain but keeping all in one folder was also not useful. So I decided to make it more automatic.

There are many pages which will tell you how to use maildrop, how nice it is etc. But as I am used to “autofolder” set of procmail rules written by Kamal Mostafa from Canonical I had some requirements already and some ideas how to handle few things in other way.

So what I did? Maybe not so much so far:

  • handle @list[sy].DOMAIN servers
  • autocreation of folder structure (/ML/{DOMAIN}/{LISTNAME})
  • all GitHub projects are handled as folders of

There is a lot of work to do but for now I am happy with what I did.

You can see it in hrw/dotfiles-mailfilter repository on github.

If someone finds it useful then please comment, fork, send merge requests, patches etc.