Time to change something on the blog

I had some ideas for improvements on website. And finally found some time to implement them.

Series of posts

One of changes was implementing ‘series of posts’ to make it easier to find posts on one topic. For now there are two of them:

Each post in series has a list at the top. I may group some other posts into additional series.

Mobile devices fixes

From time to time I had email from Google bots that some things on my website need improvements. Most of it were about mobile devices. So I went through Lighthouse audits and did some changes:

About me section

Also added ‘About me’ section to the sidebar. I often give links to my blog posts in several instant messaging channels (IRC, Discord, Telegram) and when people realize that I wrote them there is strange moment:

<hrw> irc_user: https://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2020/06/17/ebbr-on-rockpro64/

<irc_user> hrw: yes, I know that article, that is why I want to try it, I’ll get the RockPro64 today if all goes well! :)

<irc_user> I wonder whether the images from uboot-images-armv8-2020.10-2.fc33.noarch.rpm also have EBBR support for rockpro64 though, without needing to download a random binary from Marcin’s website :)

<hrw> iirc Fedora images are not built for writing into SPI flash

<hrw> irc_user: and you reminded me that I need to add text block to website

<irc_user> hrw: ah, you are Marcin! :-)

<irc_user> now I feel stupid

<irc_user> excellent blog you have! thanks so much for that, I learned a lot!

<hrw> thx

Now info about my nick name is right at the top of page (unless on mobile).

Useful tables

I also added a list of tables from my side projects:

I know that they have some users but now both are more visible.

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