Developers planet is online

People write blogs. People read blogs. But sometimes it is hard to find blogs of all those interesting people. That’s where so called “planets” are solution.

Years ago there was “Planet Linaro” website filled with blog posts from Linaro developers. Then it vanished. Later it got replaced by poor substitute.

But I do not want to have to track each Linaro developer to find their blog and add it into Feedly. So instead I decided to create new planet website. And that’s how Developers Planet got born.

So far it lists a bunch of blogs of Linaro developers. I used venus to run it. Few years old code but runs. Will adapt HTML/CSS template to be a bit more modern.

And why .cf domain? It is free — that’s why.

Fresh WordPress

I am running my blog for nearly 12 years now. And through all those years it was running same WordPress installation. Until today.

At beginning it was WordPress MultiUser (WPMU) as I used it to run both my blog and website for my consulting company. It was fun. Some WP plugins were working with WPMU, some not. Then WordPress developers decided to merge both projects into one. And it was good.

When I started blogging I did not used categories for posts but tagged them instead. Months turned into years and at some moment WP got tags natively so UltimateTagWarrior plugin went to trash (after converting to WP tags).

I was changing blog theme every few years to bring some change. The other thing which was changing was http server – from Apache to Lighttpd and now it is powered by Nginx + PHP-fpm.

Company website got trashed in meantime. Our wedding page appeared for few months as other blog. There was map with all required placemarks for church, flower shops, family homes, hotels and other useful services. Wish list for those who wanted to know what to give was also present. With “sepulki” as last entry — no one knows what “sepulki” are as they appear in one of Lem’s books. The only known thing is that you need to be married to be allowed to use them. Some guests had interesting ideas for it ;D

At some moment I had a page with Mira’s photos. Page required registration and logging. Long time removed.

And then Ania (my wife) requested page for her psychotherapist services. So she got it.

At some moment I was running three different domains using one WP installation. It was mess. Terrible mess. At some moment there were authorization issues so I had to change something…

So now I have fresh WordPress installed. Websites partially restored from backup to not keep settings/tables from long time not used plugins. Hope it will work fine ;D

New theme

From time to time I feel that it is a good moment to change view of my blog — this time to modified “Twenty Sixteen” theme.

What got modified? As usual categories got removed, switched fonts to serif ones, some paddings edited and text got justified. Just to fit better to my taste.

Also got rid of several plugins I used. No more comments from Google+ – want to comment, then standard WordPress form is present. Also moved to “Autoptimize” plugin for minifying CSS and Javascript files.

This theme has to stay for next few years ;D

Cookies blabla…

This site is using cookies. Some of them are to track you as I use Google Analytics. Other may keep your name/email/website when you write comments on my blog.

We have new law here in European Union that visitors should get notification when website is using cookies. You know — privacy stuff etc. Lot of people does not even have any idea what this whole noise is about. There are websites for them with all that not even needed information — your search engine will point you there (and use few cookies in meantime).

I do not plan to add any of those annoying popups which will tell that there are cookies in use. Once you see such one you get cookie — cause website needs a way to remember that you clicked “yes, I know, get off my screen” button. You will not see such one here.

There is a text box in right column about cookies — go, read, decide would you read my blog or not. It is your choice and always was.

PS. I added tags into post just to get this post shown on each RSS aggregator I am/was listed.

UPDATE: added small header.

Switched blog theme again

Long, long time passed since last time I changed theme on my blog. What you see this time is Twenty Twelve from WordPress team. Maybe it is not yet finished but it works better than Carrington which I had before. Not to mention that previous theme was not updated for long time (I did few updates by hand with code from their Subversion repository but it was not comfortable).

This theme looks good on desktop, phone, tablet and I will use it for probably quite long time. Will update it to released version once there will be such one ;D

Moved website hosting

Since I created my first website (in 1996) it got moved many times and have different layout/contents. First version was kind of expanded bookmarks from Lynx browser, later it got improved and finally I started experimenting with dynamic websites. During that time it was hosted at university or on servers owned by friends. Finally few years ago I moved to commercial hosting but recently decided that it is a time to take control and host it by myself.

So now it is running on my home router — I hope that it will survive any amount of readers for websites which I host here (but no DDoS please — I need bandwidth for work). Will it stay here? Time will show.

Yet another theme change

WordPress has one nice thing — themes support. Effect is that I change theme from time to time.

I always preferred simple themes not overloaded with graphics. Like Barthelme, plaintxtBlog or BigBlue.

In most situations I modded theme for my own style each time. That made upgrading to newer versions harder but was worth most of time. What was changed? Removal of categories (which I do not use), replacing them with tags, removing not useful elements of page, changing CSS etc. Those changes which could be useful for others I usually sent back to authors.

Before this theme I used Atahualpa but it was overloaded with options and still used tables for layout which I find too deprecated. And lot of extra code was generated and inserted into page each time. And I had lot of problems when tried to upgrade to newest version.

Now my blog uses Carrington Blog theme and as usual some changes were made to it. I like that theme and it will stay like that for some time (until next change).

Company changes

Few months ago I decided that after 2 years of “HaeRWu Marcin Juszkiewicz” company it is good time to drop first part. The reason was simple — “HaeRWu” is hard to pronounce for English speaking people (and not only them). And I think that I am more known as Marcin Juszkiewicz in community then by my company name.

As next step I bought “” domain for all of my private and company things. And today moved this website to new address. Old ones will work of course — they redirect to proper one.

All email addresses will work too.

CSS Naked day

This year I decided to strip my blog from CSS code used for making design (as part of CSS Naked day).

The idea behind this event is to promote Web Standards. Plain and simple. This includes proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure, and of course, a good ‘ol play on words. It’s time to show off your <body>.

And I think that my blog do that quite well. OK, it has few bugs in code so no W3C validation but it is partially WordPress fault ;D

Upgraded to WordPress MU 1.3

Some time ago I upgraded to one of Release Candidate of WordPress MU. It was working but only partially (tag links get broken on my setup). Today I fetched fresh 1.3 release (based on WordPress 2.3.1) and installed on my website.

New thing which got added is native tags support — no more UltimateTagWarrior usage but instead WP tags. Some hints for those who will also upgrade:

  1. Importing tags from UTW is in Manage -> Import and works great (require enabled UTW).
  2. After import UTW can be disabled and removed
  3. Tag cloud is not so nice as it was with UTW tag cloud widget and is not configurable 🙁
  4. Install Recommended Tags plugin to get help on tagging during writing (very configurable plugin). If you have lot of tags then disable “Display all tags” option (Options-> Recommended Tags).
  5. If you use theme not ready for WordPress 2.3 then you have to edit it and use the_tags function to list tags.

Then — happy tagging and using WordPress 2.3.x or WPMU 1.3.x 🙂