Another blog updates

Recently one of my friends worked on his websites and we exchanged some hints on how to make things better for accessibility and SEO. I checked my website and decided to work on another set of improvements.


First thing was headers (h1-h6) and their hierarchy. Loaded 51 articles, fixed their markup and then worked a bit on CSS to get styling like I wanted it to look.

Now there is just one H1 on website (page title), title of each article is in H2 and then H3-H5 are used in article content. Related posts are H3 as well as they are part of article.

Image captions

This thing was on my list for a while. In Wordpress times some articles used images with captions, some were not. Loaded 99 articles, fixed image titles and added ‘yafg’ plugin to Markdown to get all images described. Then some CSS styling and effect is quite ok:

Fog somewhere in Spanish mountains
Fog somewhere in Spanish mountains

Small tweaks

PageSpeed Insights complained that there can be a moment with no visible text (a flash of invisible text (FOIT) in webdev speak). Three small changes to get ‘font-display:swap’ in CSS and problem solved.

Also added some extra tags into head part of page — mostly OpenGraph junk.

Hope that it will be better usable now.

pelican website