1. OPIE can do i18n

    Few days ago one guy on #cacko (Cacko & PdaX distros support channel) told that OPIE cannot do russian (atleast I understand it in this way). So I started checking…

    Since few months we use TrueType fonts in OPIE by default — DejaVu Sans is used. This font has very nice glyph coverage so it should be no problem.

    Example picture with Greek, Russian, German and few other langs:

    OPIE TextEditor with Unicode texts
    OPIE TextEditor with Unicode texts
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  2. Future of collie in OpenZaurus

    During last month I worked on getting OpenZaurus released for Zaurus clamshells (c7x0, akita, c3x00). It got many updates to kernel and userspace — one of them was wpa-supplicant which now depend on OpenSSL so it takes ~1 megabyte of storage. What this mean for collie I think that I do not need to say…

    I had plans to release OpenZaurus for collie/poodle/tosa (our 2.4.18-crapix powered devices) with all updates which were done since 3.5.4 release. But some of them will make rootfs too big :( So I will have to decide which things to remove from it. Probably will look into recent CoreDump work on splitting task-bootstrap for Ångström.

    It’s not first time when collie small rootfs (only 14 megabytes) makes creating distro for it too hard. CoreDump created cardfs for his Hentges distribution and I think that OpenZaurus will follow this soon too.

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  3. Wireless Extension v19 on collie/2.4.18

    Today I tried to apply WE19 patch for 2.6.13 kernel on our default 2.4.18-crapix kernel which we use for collie (Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA). It does not apply clean — there was some fuzz and some rejects but I edited it a bit and refreshed patch. Kernel built without problems, so I flashed it and checked:

    root@collie:~# iwlist --version
    iwlist    Wireless-Tools version 28
              Compatible with Wireless Extension v11 to v19.
    Kernel    Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v19.
    wifi0     Recommend Wireless Extension v18 or later,
              Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v19.
    wlan0     Recommend Wireless Extension v18 or later,
              Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v19.

    What WE19 gives over WE18? Improved dBm reporting — now iwconfig raport signal strength in dBm (previous it was in magic numbers). Why I did it? For fun and to check will it work.

    BTWWE20 need more work, WE21 did not even tried — it’s marked as experimental and require both drivers and userspace modification so I do not want to fight with it.

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  4. I have Ir keyboard

    Yesterday I got package from States (donor want to be anonymous) with few extras to my PDA machines:

    • Belkin F8U1500-T PDA wireless keyboard (irda)
    • Pretec CompactFlash WiFi card (prism2 based)
    • Palm Tungsten stylus (which does not fit in any of my palmtops — maybe it’s time for Tungsten?)

    Keyboard works nice with my collie (Sharp Zaurus SL-5500) when I use ‘irk-belkin’ package. Currently no luck with kbdd or zkbdd but I hope that sooner or later I will get this keyboard working nice with this Zaurus. Then it will start harder part — getting it working with Sharp Zaurus C760 which run 2.6 kernel — iirc some things in serial-over-irda has changed so it will need adapting of software.

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  5. Vim7 beta in Debian

    According to this mail everyone can install vim 7.0beta i386 machines — doing it already at work where I have nearly one year old snapshot of vim7.

    Great — thx goes to Debian Vim maintainers and Vim authors.

    UPDATE: vim7 is now in experimental

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  6. OpenZaurus 3.5.4 released

    Today is big day. Today is a day when I released Linux distribution for first time.

    I work on Linux distributions for last few years. First it was packaging stuff for Debian (mostly for own usage), then I took over packaging of ROX-Filer (now in Debian). But rox was not my first package which is in official Debian — first was tex-skak. I made that package for my friend. Since “The ROX-in-Debian Project Team” took rox-filer I do not have public APT repositories available.

    When I bought my first Zaurus I started to build software for this platform. Quickly discovered OpenEmbedded, tried it and joined team. Now I’m one of core team members. I also joined OpenZaurus developer team — first as collie (Sharp Zaurus SL-5500) maintainer, then became one of core team member and finally I’m Release Manager for it.

    What means being Release Manager at all? I had to deal with RC bugs (some left), catch some developers to get their packages fixed, fix some other packages by own etc. I also made OpenZaurus 3.5.4 test program which get over one hundred of Zaurus users. This was big help as they found many different bugs and provided fixes for many of them. Thx guys!

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  7. OpenZaurus 3.5.4 releasing…

    Mickeyl just gave me info that all packages were built and uploaded to EWI (our primary mirror). Whole OpenZaurus 3.5.4 takes 1.9 GiB of storage space (packages + images).

    Today I will create feeds, check does they are OK and will prepare some kind of changelog.

    Tomorrow release!

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  8. CFXGA card util

    Few days ago kados on #openzaurus asked me about support for CF-XGA card under OpenZaurus. I googled and found kernel driver for card and source of few tools. Card API is simple (few ioctl() calls), card itself is simple too — few resolutions available, VGA/Composite/S-Video output and 800x600 in 16bits.

    Kernel module needed patching (as usual) but finally I got it built and it works on device (Sharp Zaurus SL-6000 ‘tosa’). Small utils which I built also works.

    But yesterday I started own tool for that card. It is simple but now it has functionality of few other tools and will improve when I will find some free time.

    UPDATE: got display ;) 480x480 for now instead of 480x640 but thats some kind of display ;)

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