Crazy ARM Server hack idea

During break between talks I spoke with Rob Taylor and Andreia Gaita about lack of ARM powered servers. And then cute hack appeared in my head…

Rockchip released RK3268 (if I got numbers correctly) which uses four Cortex-A12 cores. There are HDMI dongles with it and 2 GB of ram.

So the idea is: we take 1U server case, glue as many dongles as we can and connect them with USB cables for power and network. Then put some OpenStack or other software to maintain a cloud and it may even work.

The problems Rob noted would be heat and lack of bandwidth. But it would be cute embedded nonsense hack.

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  1. Coming to this site via the Fedora Project start page… Everyone who’s commented sounds so enthusiastic about this but I don’t understand what you are trying to do. I was just hoping someone could explain the appeal in layman’s terms for me!! Thanks, Tom 🙂

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