13:58 hrw@tygrysek:~$ sudo poweroff

Over month ago OVH started offering “KS 2G” servers for 15 PLN per month. Like few other friends I decided to take it.

Waiting for new machine took nearly a month but finally got it. I had a small problem with a name for it. But as “KS 2G” is smaller than i5 where my previous system was hosted I decided to reuse name “malenstwo” (Roo from “Winnie the Pooh”) which before was attached to PandaBoard(s).

Copied data from previous server (named tygrysek due to Tiger), updated Ubuntu to 13.04 and started to migrate services. And today I moved last one and sent my Xen VM instance to shredder…

What changed? I have “bare metal” machine on which I can do experiments and do not have to worry about users of other Xen instances like it was before. Have native IPv6 address so sending backups to my home will be easier.

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